For Deployment of Optic Fiber and copper cable


PLB HDPE Duct is Permanently Lubricated HDPE Duct is made from virgin, UV grade HDPE materials and is used for deployment of Optic Fiber and copper cables. The Ducts are manufactured as per TEC Standards and Various International Standards. The Ducts have Superior resistance to natural or mechanical damage. The ducts consist of two concentric layers, the outer layer being HDPE; co-extruded with an inner layer of solid permanent lubricant to reduce the internal Co-efficient of Friction (ICF).
Flexible and light in weight
Faster and easy installation of Optic Fiber cable/ Copper cable with less
Available in coils
Reduction in installation cost
Low maintenance and easy future up gradation
Reduction in number of accessories due to
Longer lengths of pipes
Ducts are nontoxic and safe to handle
Suitable for installing OFC by blowing method.

Available in size with/without Nylon rope
  • * 32/26 mm
  • * 40/33 mm
  • * 50/42 mm

Manufacturing PLB HDPE Telecom Duct in compliance with TSEC (BSNL) and RDSO Specification. We are also manufacturing HDPE water pipe in compliance with IS 4984:2016.